Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets

I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets for the second time, though, this time I read it in English. I’ve said it before, it’s something very special to read a book in its native language and the magical story about Harry Potter is no exception.

I believe most people have read, or at least have heard about the story about young Harry, growing up with his aunt and uncle in Surrey, England, believe his parents died in a car crash when he was only one. But on his eleventh birthday he got a letter from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, letting him know that not only is he a wizard, but he’s also accepted at the greatest school of magic. In the second book, Harry’s second school year, he faces new horrors, which lies in the Chamber of secrets. Once again, Harry needs to face dark magic to save the one he loves.

It’s not strange at all, that the book, the entire story has gotten so much publicity, it’s a wonderful story and even though the Chamber of secrets isn’t my favorite of the seven, I still like it anyway. It’s an interesting part in Harry’s journey and J.K Rowling is such a fantastic writer, it’s an art, reading her works. I truly enjoyed the second Harry Potter book, even more in English then I did in Swedish, so much greatness disappears when a book is translated.