Second book in the Legend trilogy, Prodigy, was something I knew I would be reading without really knowing what to expect. When I read Legend I was disappointed, I had expected something more or something different and I didn’t really feel the book lived up to all the good things I’d heard about it. But I choose to read Prodigy anyway, something that I’m glad I did.

In Legend, June meets Day, her brother’s murderer, a sixteen year old boy she falls in love with. After uncovering the truth, that Day didn’t kill her brother but was framed for the murder, she helps him escape his death sentence and they travel together to Vegas, where Prodigy starts off. They are searching for the Patriots to help them start a revolution which will hopefully end the Republic and either join them with the Colonies and turn them back into the United States or just become a part of the Colonies all together. For June and Day, both choices sounds good. But after the Elector dies and his son takes his place, June and Day meet up with the Patriots and get’s the assignment that will allow them to become Patriots. To be a part of the revolution movement, June and Day needs to help assassin the new Elector, but are they ready to kill someone to get what they want? And do they really know everything or are the Patriots hiding something from them?

Like I said, I was sure I was going to read Prodigy, but my expectations were way smaller now then when I read Legend. It didn’t take long though, before I realized that this book was better and in every aspect. I’m not really sure why, there wasn’t anything wrong with the first book, I just liked the second more. I think it probably had something to do with me have such high expectations and now having practically none. But it was good; it never felt dull or boring. On the contrary. Every page brought something new, something that either got me to understand a character or her motives more or some kind of action. There was a lot of action, but not too much. And there was sweet, still moments too, but not too much. I would say that Prodigy was perfectly balanced.

Marie Lu is a great writer and I do believe that some of my expectations that I had for Legend was filled in Prodigy. In the very last pages a huge revelation was revealed and Lu ended the book with a really good cliffhanger. I’d already decided to read the third and last book in the trilogy before I finished Prodigy but now there’s just no way that I can’t read it to find out the rest. And that’s the best grade you can get from me.