Rec of the month - November 18

Claudia Gray's A Thousand Pieces of You is the first novel in her Firebird-trilogy, a story about Marguerite and the ground-breaking invention her physicist parents have made. It’s a device called a Firebird that allows users to travel between parallel universes. The device, however, is stolen by her parent’s assistant, Paul, who also kills Marguerite’s father. To find answers as to why Paul did it and to reclaim the stolen Firebird, Marguerite uses a Firebird of her own to chase after Paul in universe after universe. Eventually, she’ll find him and when she does, Paul will get his punishment. But traveling between dimensions and meeting different versions of the people she loves the most allows Marguerite to see sides of her loved ones that she hasn’t seen in her own world. Slowly, Marguerite starts to realize that the truth is not at all what she expected but rather much, much worse.

Did this sound interesting? You can read my review of the novel HERE.