Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

This is, technically, not an actual book but rather the screenplay from the movie, written by J.K Rowling. It is, nevertheless, a fantastic read for all those who, like me, love Harry Potter and his magical world. I saw the movie about a month ago and thought it was absolutely amazing. It was impossible not to start reading this right after I got it on Christmas Eve and, this being the first time I've read a screenplay, it was somewhat crazy yet so fun to re-enter the world Rowling has created and basically read the movie.

If you don't already know what this story is about, here is a small recap. It's New York in the 1920s. Newt Scamander steps off a ship with nothing but a briefcase in his hand. It's an ordinary-looking thing, but what it contains is far from normal. Newt is a magizoologist and he has just completed a trip around the world. When the briefcase, filled to the brim with strange creatures, accidently is opened, some of the creatures escapes. Newt has to team up with a No-Maj (American word for muggle) and two witches in the hope of getting all his creatures back. But Newt has chosen a poor time to visit New York, because some humans are trying to find and root out the wizard community while Gellert Grindelwald is rooming about, killing innocent muggles. A war is brewing and Newt suddenly finds himself, and his briefcase, in the middle of it all.

This is a fantastic story, I can't say that enough. I know some people were wary when the news of the movie came, thinking this was just another way for Hollywood to make more money. I disagree. Yes, everyone always want to make money, but this is a very enjoyable movie and I hardly believe it was created just for the sake of money. The screenplay, of course, is equally amazing since it's the script of the movie. It's fun, this compelling, it makes you want to read more. Just like the movie, the screenplay will make you laugh. Just like the movie, it will make you want to see what happens to Newt and all of his creatures. Just like the movie, you will find yourself loving most, if not all, of the creatures in Newts suitcase and Newt himself, because he is a very sweet and lovable character. 

If you haven't had the chance to see the movie then I'd advise you to do that. If you rather want to read about it then the screenplay is perfect for that. If you, like me, want to have the cake and eat is as well, then watch the movie and get a copy  of the screenplay for your bookcase. I love this story and I really think this will be a great ride, just like the years with Harry Potter was. Give the screenplay a chance - it's just as amazing and you can revisit the world whenever you want!