Rec of the month - June 17

Summertime means contemporary for many. It's just more fun to read sappy love stories during warm, sunny days and Huntley Fitzpatrick’s My Life Next Door is a perfect example of a lovely summer read. It’s a novel I enjoy reading while soaking up some sun but it has a bit more to offer than other contemporary novels. For a full review, hop on over HERE.

Sam has lived next door with the Garretts for most of her life yet had very little interaction with them. She lives with her politician mother and older sister and their home is immaculate. The Garretts, however, have a big family, they’re loud and messy and everything Sam wish she could be a part of. This summer, Sam’s sister leaves for a trip and Sam’s mother is busy campaigning for the coming election. Sam is left alone a lot and she spends more and more time watching the Garretts until one day when Jase Garrett climbs up her trellis and invites her into their life. Love blooms between them and Sam enjoy spending time with his family. It looks like it will be a wonderful summer, until an accident happens and Sam is left with the hardest choice of her life.

I’ve read this novel a few times now, as well as the two sequels. Neither was as good as My Life Next Door in my opinion, however, they all have one thing in common. They take place during summer and Fitzpatrick is amazing at writing about summertime. Sam lives near water and she loves to swim. The weather is hot and sunny most of the time and Fitzpatrick is so great when it comes to details. You can smell the freshly cut grass, you can feel the sun on your skin, taste the ice cream on your tongue. Reading this novel is like being transported to summer, so it’s a great read for those chilly winter months and a perfect read for when you’re at the beach in July.

The love between Sam and Jase feels real and they tackle quite a few tough questions and problems during the novel. It’s not just about your first love, it’s about your family, your future and about the person you want to be. I liked seeing two very different families meet and Jase’s siblings are all interesting and colourful. My Life Next Door is not the best novel I’ve ever read, but it is one of the best contemporary reads I’ve come across. Summer wouldn't be the same without this book.