The second novel in Marissa Meyer's The Lunar Chronicles is called Scarlet and in this instalment, which takes place right after Cinder ended, we're introduced to Scarlet Benoit, an eighteen-year-old living in a small town in France with her grandmother. It's been almost three weeks since her grandmother disappeared and Scarlet is certain that she's been kidnapped but the police have closed the case so Scarlet takes it upon herself to investigate. She meets the mysterious Wolf who seems to have more answers than he's willing to give yet Scarlet manages to get him to help. Together they travel to Paris to find her grandmother but despite Wolf's warnings, Scarlet can't begin to phantom what awaits her at the capital. At the same time across the world, Cinder is dealing with the news Dr. Erland has delivered and she starts to accept that the only way to save anyone is to escape from prison.

Like I've said before, I really like this story, the whole series, but I do have a soft spot for both Scarlet and Wolf. Scarlet is fierce and strong, if a bit rash at times. She's inspiring though, how she gives everything for what she believes in and how she never stops fighting. Wolf is the mysterious bad boy with a soft heart, a somewhat traditional character maybe, but it's one I love. He has such a nice personality and I really like the chemistry between him and Scarlet. I like how he can be both strong and tender at once and how he changes throughout the story. Wolf and Scarlet carry this story forward and I think they do it in a great way.

This novel is a retelling of "The Little Red Riding Hood" and a big portion of the story is about Scarlet finding her grandmother who is believed to have something to do with Princess Selene and this is a mystery Scarlet is left to solve together with Wolf. Cinder makes appearances throughout the story and with her another major character is introduced, namely Captain Carswell Thorne, another favourite of mine. He is sassy, flirty and fun and some of the best lines in the books is delivered by him. He brings both comic and action to the story and is a great addition to the series overall.

I love how the world Meyer has created and how she's weaved it all together. Everything fit, like a beautifully choreographed dance. The threat of war from Queen Levana is hangs heavy over Emperor Kai’s head and Meyer allows the reader to see every aspect of the story, from the palace in the Eastern Commonwealth, Scarlet’s home in France to the spaceship Cinder ends up on. It gives depth to the story and I really like how you get to take part of the characters, follow their thoughts and their actions while everything weaves itself into the bigger picture which is Scarlet. This novel sets up the sequel, Cress, in a really great way and leaves the reader craving more. There’s love, there’s action, there’s a deadly disease, a prison break, crazy kidnappers and an even crazier queen, the threat of war, new allegiances and a princess once thought to be dead, ready to reclaim her throne. I don’t know about you but this is basically all I’ve ever wanted, packed into one perfect book, one perfect series. You won’t regret reading this, it’s one amazing ride you never want to end!